April 10, 2013     SyncRoid - Outlook Android Sync solution released

  May 05, 2013      SyncRoid phone app calendar data deletion on device reboot fixed

  May 19, 2013      Calendar sync issue fixed for multiple languages

  May 19, 2013      SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.2 & SyncRoid Android app v1.2 released

  May 23, 2013      SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.3 released with following fixes:

                                               ★  Contacts issue Outlook to Phone fixed
                                               ★  Calendar events and appointments sync improved
                                               ★  Tasks Start and Due date issue fixed
                                               ★  Overall synchronization process improved

  May 28, 2013      SyncRoid phone application v1.4 released with following fixes: 

                                               ★  Calendars and Tasks sync stuck issue fixed
                                               ★  Calendar sync time improvements
                                               ★  Tasks sync time improvements

  June 29, 2013     SyncRoid phone application v1.5 released with following fixes: 

                                               ★  All Day event sync issue fixed
                                               ★  Remove deleted items option included (Full version)
                                               ★  Contacts field updates issue
                                               ★  Appointments and tasks with same subject but different dates sync added
                                               ★  Synchronization speed improved
                                               ★  SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.5 released

  July 19, 2013     Calendar data deletion on phone restart fixed. SyncRoid Jelly Bean Workaround

                                               ★  SyncRoid Jelly Bean Workaround released on Play Store.
                                               ★  This free add-on to be installed with the existing SyncRoid paid app

  Aug 5, 2013      SyncRoid phone application v1.6 released with following fixes

                                               ★  'Remove Deleted Items' option introduced for Two Way Sync (Full version)
                                               ★  Bluetooth enabled automatically after sync if needed
                                               ★  Option to choose Android calendars to sync
                                               ★  Memory management improved on Android side
                                               ★  Outlook to Phone hanging issue fixed
                                               ★  Overall contacts sync speed increased by 60%
                                               ★  SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.6 released

  Aug 5, 2013      SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.6 released:

                                               ★  Graphics fixed for high resolution screens
                                               ★  Two Way Sync with deletion option introduced
                                               ★  Synchronization speed improved

  Oct 17, 2013     SyncRoid phone application v2.0 released with following enhancements & fixes

                                               ★  New History Management introduced
                                               ★  Memory Management enhanced
                                               ★  Content sync considerably improved many times
                                               ★  Yearly recurring calendar Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries sync fixed
                                               ★  Overall sync process made more efficient and fast
                                               ★  Tutorial/Guide introduced 

  Oct 17, 2013     SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.7 released:

                                               ★  SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.7 released
                                               ★  PC Bluetooth Discovery automated
                                               ★  History Management and Memory Management introduced

  Nov 16, 2013     SyncRoid PC Client v1.0.0.8 released:

                                               ★  Recurring 'Tasks' issue fixed

   Nov 16, 2013     SyncRoid Phone application v2.1 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  Recurring 'Tasks' issue fixed

  Feb 19, 2014     SyncRoid Phone application v2.3 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  Application crash on start fixed

  Feb 22, 2014     SyncRoid Phone application v2.4 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  Daylight Saving Time (DST) fixed
                                               ★  Time Zones issue fixed for recurring calendar appointments

  Sep 30, 2014     SyncRoid Phone application v3.0 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  Major memory management issues fixed
                                               ★  Syncing speed enhanced by 60%
                                               ★  Issues when using special characters fixed 

  Nov 2, 2014      SyncRoid PC Client v2.0.0.0 released: 

                                               ★  New database management introduced to fix buffer issues
                                               ★  WiFi Sync introduced in parallel to Bluetooth
                                               ★  Multiple calendar events with same name syncing included

  Nov 2, 2014      SyncRoid Phone application upgrade v3.1 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  WiFi Sync introduced in parallel to Bluetooth
                                               ★  Multiple calendar events with same name syncing included

  Nov 11, 2014      SyncRoid PC Client v2.0.1.0 released: 

                                               ★  SQLite installation check introduced
                                               ★  Bluetooth check introduced on enabling Bluetooth

  Dec 23, 2014      SyncRoid PC Client v2.0.2.0 released: 

                                               ★  Access violation issue fixed
                                               ★  Sync enhanced, now possible with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi availability

  Dec 23, 2014     SyncRoid Phone application upgrade v3.2 released on Google Play:

                                               ★  Auto Sync issues fixed
                                               ★  Minor improvements

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